Monday, 26 March 2012

Why Does Pinterest Make Marketers So Wet?

Lately I've been getting more than a fair few emails from marketing and social community folks getting a collective wet patch over Pinterest. I've seen all sorts of compelling infographics and data all singing its praises but having spend a few days playing with it I can't see anything that different from Tumblr.

It seems every few months there is some new social media golden egg that comes along and marketing folks get swept up in the novelty of it, begin planning how much money they're going to throw at it and salivate at the potential "buzz". Remember Google+? No, me either.

From where I'm sat though having looked at the referral data from Pinterest it is pretty poor, as a referrer anyway. But I don't think the function of Pinterest lays as something to drive traffic to your site / or to promote e-commerce, it's a talking point. I would say that when new social channels emerge the key thing for brands to do is not go bat shit crazy panicking about "a presence" and trying to control or monitor what is being said but rather  it should be to do what they should be doing all along. Release relevant engaging content that people will want to share. If you are going to have an active presence I'd say encourage your community to be creative with your content, custom covers or posters really do open your brand up to people who wouldn't usually look for your product. Check out or for some good art inspired by movie posters as an example.

I have seen some quite nifty campaigns on this article on Mashable. I particularly liked the Peugeot Boxer campaign, mostly because I did actually have the same idea a couple of weeks ago. I'm that clever.

So to surmise what makes marketers so wet about Pinterest, it's new, shiny and potentially a nice little earner. Potentially. And we all know how I feel about potentially.

Here are some links to some wide-on inducing infographics:

Infographic on Pinterest's addictiveness:
Infographic that gives marketers a chubby:
Another infographic that gives marketers a boner:
More crap on Pinterest:

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