Wednesday, 11 April 2012

The Daily Mail Is My Guilty Pleasure

I have a confession to make.

I enjoy reading the Daily Mail online. More specifically, the comments. It has become somewhat of a hobby of mine. It is nice to know that no matter how many badly informed opinions and rantings I put on this blog, there are people worse than I am. I find it comforting and hilarious.

I find there are a few main types of people who comment on Daily Mail articles.

1) "Its the immigrants"
Any story whatsoever, no matter how insane there is these people will find any excuse to put their spin on it that it is caused by people coming in from Eastern Europe or Muslims causing the problem.

These people are insane.

2) "Back off Brussels"
I tip my hat to the DM, know their audience and they know how to engage them. You'll find almost daily some obscure story that they blow out of proportion to get comments like this.

Calm down dear, its only an article!

3) "HANG HIM!"
These people would happily have the death penalty brought back for looking at someone sideways. Any article on a criminals sentence they react in horror at the perceived limp British justice system and would happily see someone peeled, rolled in salt and have live rats shoved up their arses.

Other honourable mentions include:

"Rip off Britain". This type will complain about the price of anything and everything.

"Irrelevant Hippy Bullshit". Any story this person will comment something about we need to do more to save the planet.

"Irrelevant Anti Hippy Bullshit". As above but this person seems to actively want to destroy the planet.

On a slightly related note...

I've noticed that Daily Mail journalists are super lazy, often simply shamelessly yoinking stories from Gizmodo, Mashable, and others. For instance that Zombie story above was clearly just stolen from Neatorama and this story about a camera free mirror photo technique (filed under science? Really?) was robbed from expertphotography who used the technique from (and credited it to) this chap Chris. Although I'm sure it was around a lot longer than Chris' original post. Still at least the other people gave credit. The Daily Mail have just shamelessly stolen it!

I'm still loving "Condescending Wonka"

If you are passing yourself off as a journalistic newspaper still, please do some journalism. If you're just sharing links I'll add you as a friend on Facebook. Morons.


L*D*T said...

Another classic read Nova - from a fellow Gallifreyan ;)

L*D*T said...

Another classics read Nova x from a fellow Gallifryen ;)